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Find free legal information and how to apply for free legal aid in Arkansas. Click on any of the legal topics below to learn more. Scroll down to see all resources.

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Visit this section for help in representing yourself in court and finding the court that you need. You can also find information about court forms, the rules that you have to follow in court, and the basics of how a court case works.

Consumer Law TopicsConsumer
Visit this section for consumer law topics such as: Bankruptcy, Debt Collection, Repossession, Contracts, Loans, Utilities, Small Claims and other consumer law issues.

Education Law TopicsEducation
Visit this section for education law topics such as: Enrollment, School Loans, Power of Attorney (enrollment without Guardianship/Custody), and other education law issues.

Employment Law TopicsEmployment
Visit this section for employment law topics such as: Discrimination, Expungement, Termination, Unemployment Compensation, Wages, Workers Comp and other topics.

Family Law TopicsFamily Law
Visit this section for family law topics such as: Adoption, Child Support, Custody, Divorce, Domestic Abuse, Guardianship, Name Change, Paternity, Visitation and other topics.

Health Law TopicsHealth
Visit this section for health law topics such as: Medicare, Medicaid, HIPAA, ARKids, Power of Attorney and other health law topics.

Housing Law TopicsHousing
Visit this section for housing law topics such as: Federal Housing Programs, Home ownership, Landlord/Tenant and other housing law topics.

Individual Rights TopicsIndividual Rights
Visit this section for individual rights law and topics such as: Discrimination, Expungement, other rights topics.

Non-English ResourcesNon-English Resources
Visit this section for non-English resources on various law topics. Tambien proporcionamos información legal gratuita y paquetes de formularios legales en línea por medio de esta página.

Public Benefits TopicsPublic Benefits
Visit this section for public benefits topics such as: ARKids First, Food Stamps and Programs, Social Security, SSI, Disability, Disaster Relief and other public benefits topics.

Veterans and Military TopicsVeterans/Military
Visit this section for legal resources for veterans, active duty servicemembers, and dependents. Topics include: Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA, USERRA, Veterans issues and other topics.

Wills & Estates TopicsWills/Estates
Visit this section for estate planning topics such as: Wills, Affidavit for Collection of Small Estate, Living Wills and other estate planning topics.


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