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CourtHelp – Arkansas Court of Appeals

Court Help TopicThe Arkansas Court of Appeals was created in 1979 to provide relief for the Arkansas Supreme Court's growing docket. There are twelve judges on the Arkansas Court of Appeals. The Arkansas Court of Appeals is the state’s intermediate (in-between) appellate court. However, most for most cases, this court is the final court of appeal in Arkansas. 

You DO NOT do not have a right to appeal an opinion from the Arkansas Court of Appeals to the Arkansas Supreme Court. The Arkansas Supreme Court generally hears only appeals raising unique questions of law (see below for more information). Therefore, the Court of Appeals is often the only chance for review of lower court decisions. 

What types of Cases are appealed? The Court of Appeals handles most appeals in Arkansas, however, there are some cases that are appealed first to Supreme Court. View our fact sheet on "Appealing a Court Decision." 

Cases involving the following issues are filed in the Supreme Court of Arkansas

  • Appeals involving the interpretation or construction of the Constitution of Arkansas
  • Criminal appeals where the death penalty or life imprisonment has been imposed
  • Petitions for quo warranto, prohibition, injunction, or mandamus directed to the state, county, or municipal officials or to circuit courts
  • Appeals about elections and election procedures
  • Appeals about the discipline of attorneys and how the Supreme Court regulates the practice of law
  • Appeals about the discipline and disability of judges
  • Second (or later appeals) after the appeal has already been decided in the Supreme Court 
  • Appeals required by law to be heard by the Supreme Court 


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Other Arkansas Supreme Court Resources

  • Fact Sheet - Appealing a Court Decision (PDF)


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