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There are several different types of courts in state Arkansas. These courts include the Arkansas Supreme Court, the Arkansas Court of Appeals, 128 circuit courts, 64 State District Courts, 103 Local District Courts; and 91 City courts.

The majority of domestic relations cases (e.g. divorce, child support, custody) are heard in circuit courts. Select a court type below to learn more the types of cases each court handles. Click here to view a detailed Court Structure Diagram (PDF). There are also federal courts in Arkansas not included in the list below. Remember that the term "Jurisdiction" means the authority of the court to hear a case.

JURISDICTION: the authority of the court to hear a case.
  • ARKANSAS SUPREME COURT (The Arkansas Supreme Court is the highest court in the U.S. state of Arkansas)
  • ARKANSAS COURT OF APPEALS (The Arkansas Court of Appeals is the state’s intermediate (in-between) appellate court.)
  • CIRCUIT COURTS (Circuit courts consist of five subject matter divisions: criminal, civil, probate, domestic relations, and juvenile.)
  • DISTRICT COURTS (District courts are the state’s courts of limited jurisdiction. There are two types of district courts: 1) State district courts and; 2) Local district courts.)
  • MEDIATION AND ARBITRATION (Mediation is a different way to settle disputes that doesn’t use traditional litigation.)


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