Springdale - LAA

Name:   Springdale - LAA
Address:   1200 Henryetta
    Springdale, Arkansas 72762
Phone Number:   870-972-9224
Fax Number:   479-751-0002


Springdale Office Staff:

Gaylynn Alden, Housing Paralegal, ext. 4315

Joan Camerlingo, Spanish Intake, 4317

Shelby Chiasson, Development Director, Ext. 4326

Shea Crosby, EJW AmeriCorps Legal Fellow, ext. 4316

Everett DePangher, ABA Attorney, ext. 4322

Tyler Farrar, Staff Attorney, ext 4323

Mary Goff, Staff Attorney, ext. 4324

Heather Hersh, Regional Managing Attorney, ext. 4312

Heidi Jamison, Pro Bono Coordinator, ext. 4314

Elizabeth King, Human Resources, ext. 4311

Jennifer Liguori, Qualified Tax Expert, ext. 6304

Mackenzie Meador, Fellow, ext. 4306

Marshall Prettyman, Litigation Director, ext. 4304

Susan Purtle, Staff Attorney, ext. 4301

Sulita Sualau, Marshallese Liaison, ext. 7303

Maria Tommey, AVLE Coordinator, ext. 6301

Casey Trzcinski, Navigator/Atty, ext. 4302
Lynda Ware, Paralegal, ext. 4307

Tracy Yarbrough, Operator, ext. 4319


If you need help with a civil (non-criminal) legal problem, have a question you think a lawyer should answer, or have been sued and don't know where to turn, CALL THE HELPLINE! Toll free at 800-9 LAW AID (800-952-9243).