iPhone Pro Bono Application

iPhone App - iPro Bono

First of its kind Pro Bono mobile service is soon to be available for Arkansas Pro Bono attorneys. Registered Arkansas pro bono attorneys can sort the cases by topic, county, or by other categories. Once the pro bono attorney has reviewed the cases and has chosen one of interest the attorney can accept the case through the application.

The Arkansas Legal Services Partnership and two Arkansas web and software development companies are providing free iPhone application development services for this project. The development of this smart phone application is based on the successful “Online Pro Bono Case Selection” tool.

Project Need: Providing pro bono services to people of limited means can mean the difference between justice for some and justice for all. The need for pro bono legal services has never been greater. As Arkansas’ poverty population grows, so does the need for representation of their interests. About 16% of Arkansas citizens live at or below the poverty level, compared to 12.4% nationwide. In the Delta area, fully 25% of the population lives in poverty.

Meanwhile, federal funding for legal-services programs has continued to decrease, while the State of Arkansas provides no appropriation for civil legal services. Combined with the sizable, growing population of needy residents, this lack of resources creates a perfect storm of injustice. Private attorneys can help address these problems by volunteering. You can help make the ideal of justice for all a reality in someone’s life today.

Project Development: An Arkansas web and software development company, LogiCurrent, LLC., has partnered on this project with the Arkansas Legal Services partnership and the Arkansas Access to Justice Foundation.