This packet was developed to ask the court to seal your criminal records. This used to be called expungement. It is now called Petition and Order to Seal. Your criminal records will not be physically destroyed, but they will be sealed and treated as confidential.

Felonies that DO NOT qualify to be sealed are:

- a sexual offense in which the victim was under the age of 18 years

- a felony in which you spent any time in the Arkansas Department of Corrections

- a Class Y felony

- a Class A or B felony that was not a drug offense

- manslaughter

- an unclassified felony with a maximum sentence that was more than 10 years

- violent felonies that fall under A.C.A. § 5-4-501

Below is the link to the interactive packet to develop a petition and order to seal

Expungement Interactive Packet

If you are having problems with the interactive packet, follow the link below to the fill-in PDF form

Expungement PDF Form


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