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Family law WorkgroupTo file for a divorce in Arkansas you must have lived in Arkansas for 60 days before filing and have grounds for divorce. The the most commonly used grounds for divorce are "General indignities" and "separation for 18 months." The grounds must have happened within the last five years. If your spouse does not want the divorce, then you have to prove the grounds for divorce and residency at the final hearing. 

Every divorce starts, legally, with one person (the plaintiff) filing a complaint asking the court to grant a divorce decree. The person who files the complaint asking for the divorce is the plaintiff. The person who the divorce is filed against is the defendant. The resources below explain more rules and provide instructions about being granted a divorce in Arkansas.

This section contains links that offer information about annulment, divorce, and separation law in Arkansas. There are pdf fact sheets, streaming video and interactive forms below. Select a Different Topic here




  • Video Factsheet - The Divorce Process Pt. 1 (Grounds)
    This is part 1 in a series for low-income Arkansans in need of information about the divorce process in Arkansas. This video factsheet was produced by the Arkansas Legal Services Partnership LegalTube Project
  • Video Fact Sheet - Going to Court: What to Expect
    This video provides procedural information for litigants that are not represented by an attorney (pro se) - This video describes what to expect in the courtroom as explained by Circuit Court Judge Jim Spears. This video factsheet was produced by the Arkansas Legal Services Partnership LegalTube Project in partnership with the Arkansas Access to Justice Commission.
  • Video Factsheet - Service Members Civil Relief Act (Overview)
    Part 1 in a 4 part series for Individuals with Military Connections that may benefit from the protections and rights provided by the SCRA. These rights include family law issues. This video factsheet was produced by the LegalTube Project for the Stateside Legal Project.  See all 4 videos.

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