Elder Abuse

Fact Sheet

Helpful Websites

National Center on Elder Abuse offers information on elder law and elder abuse.

Arkansas Adult Protective Services offers information and resources for reporting elder abuse.


Adult Maltreatment Registry

If you have received a notice from the Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) that you will be placed on the Adult Maltreatment Central Registry, consider the following information.

The Adult Maltreatment Central Registry is maintained by the Arkansas DHS and includes all individuals against whom a true finding of abuse or neglect has been made. A true finding does not mean that the abuse or neglect goes on your criminal record, but being on the Registry could negatively affect your employment and professional licensing. DHS will notify you by mail if it has made a true finding against you. If you disagree with DHS's true findings, you have a right to appeal the decision within thirty (30) days of being notified.  

If your name is already on the Registry, you may be eligible to have it removed. Generally, if DHS made a true finding of neglect against you and your name was placed on the Registry at least a year ago, you may petition DHS to have your name removed.


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