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Housing Law TopicsThis section offers information about landlord-tenant law in Arkansas. The relationship between landlords and tenants involve several legal issues, and the resources below are here to help you understand these issues. These resources do not apply to people who receive Section 8 funding or live in public housing. That information is available under Public Federal Housing.

A lease or rental agreement is a contract between you and your landlord. It sets out your rights and duties and your landlord's rights and duties. You can read more in the fact sheets below.

Please keep in mind that in Arkansas, your landlord does NOT have to give you a fit place to live and does NOT have to make any repairs to your home or the common area. Before you sign a lease, it is important to look at the place that you want to rent so you know if it is safe, clean, and livable. To help you, we have a Renters Checklist below that explains more.

If you have been called to active duty military service, you have legal protections under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). Visit to learn more and find free self-help legal forms.

If you are facing eviction or if you have received a 10-day notice to vacate your home, contact us or call the HelpLine and tell us that you have a housing-related issue, so you can speak to our special team of attorneys in the Housing Rights and Consumer Protection Program.



  • Fact Sheet - Landlord/Tenant (Spanish) | Propietario y nota de información general de la ley de arrendatario
  • Fact Sheet - What You Should Know About Landlord & Tenant Rights | Lo Que Debe Saber Sobre Los Derechos De Los Locadores/Locatarios


Your landlord may ask you for a security deposit. This is money to pay for any damages beyond normal wear and tear that happen during the time you live in the home.

If there are not any damages beyond normal wear and tear, then the landlord must return the security deposit to you or give you a list of damages. This list should include any damages you made to the home and the amount withheld from the security deposit to repair those damages.

The easy-to-use form below will produce a letter demanding the return of your security deposit. The letter includes more detailed instructions.

The following interactive forms are for military members, veterans, and their families. These are provided by Stateside Legal.


  • Stateside Legal - legal help for military members, veterans and their families.


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