Debt Validation Request to Collection Agency

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The sample letter linked below only applies to collection agencies. The letter can't be used for the original creditor for the debt that is originally owed.

The collection agency has five days after receiving your letter to comply with your request. After you send the letter, give the collection agency about 10 days to receive it and process it. After 10 days, if the collection agency is continues to contact you about collecting the debt, then you should contact a lawyer. You can contact our HelpLine or use our private attorney search.

Make sure to keep accurate records of any contact the collection agency makes after you have sent the letter. This includes saving voicemails or other recorded messages.

What the Collection Agency Must Do
The collection agency must stop trying to collect the debt, or any disputed part of the debt, until they have:

  • verification of the debt (such as a contract or a copy of a court judgment);
  • the name and address of the original creditor; AND
  • mailed it to you.

During this period, the collection agency should not take any action that could harm your credit reports.

What You Can Do
After you have sent the letter to the collection agency, you should receive the return receipt you requested from the Post Office for certified mail. If the collection agency can validate the debt in time and you dispute the debt (or part of the debt), then you have 30 days to respond. 

After you receive verification of the debt, you have 30 days to dispute the validity of the debt or any portion of the debt. If you don't dispute it, then the collection agency can assume that it is a valid debt.


Below is an interactive packet that will produce a PDF packet for Debt Validation Request to Collection Agency
If this form packet resource is not functioning properly, follow the link to te fill-in PDF form