Self-Help Forms—Child Support Termination Packet

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This free interactive form will create a Petition and Order for the Termination of Child Support Obligation. At the end of the interview, you'll be able to download all the documents that you need to file with the court. The automated packet includes instructions about the process.

You cannot terminate your obligation to pay child support because you do not have enough money. If the court allows you to terminate your future support obligations, remember that you are still responsible for all back child support that you have not paid.

You should not use these forms unless:

  • your child has reached 18 years of age and has graduated high school;
  • your child has reached 18 years of age and is not still in high school; or
  • your child has reached 19 years of age and it is the end of the school year.

Follow the interactive packet link below to produce a termination of child support PDF

Child Support Termination Interactive Packet

If you are having problems with the interactive packet, follow the link to the fill-in PDF form below

Child Support Termination Fill-in PDF Form


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