Poverty Law Practice Manual

Poverty Law Practice Manual

What is the Poverty Law Practice Manual?

     The manual is designed as a desk reference for legal services staff and pro bono private attorneys. It offers practical, basic information on selected matters that can arise in the course of representing low-income Arkansans.

     It includes ten sections written by advocates for advocates. The sections include: Civil Procedure, Consumer Law, Family Law, Juvenile Law, Landlord/Tenant Law, Migrant Workers Law, Public Benefits Law, Disability Rights Law, Social Security Disability Benefits Law, and Unemployment Compensation Law.

     You can simply click on the section links below for static pdf versions of the manual's sections.

     Information provided in the manual is no substitute for the professional judgment of an attorney. Before using forms and sample pleadings, the reader should understand the applicable law.


Table of Contents

For detailed contents, see the outlines preceding each chapter attachment.