Petition to Seal for Felonies Flow Chart

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Petition to Seal for Felonies Flow Chart


In some cases, you can ask the court to seal your criminal record from public view. (This used to be called expungement.) Your records will not be physically destroyed, but they will be sealed and treated as confidential. This flow chart is for felonies only with a sentencing date after January 1, 2014 and under Act 680.

Your Judgment and Commitment Order will help you in navigating the flow chart below. You may also need your sentencing order from the court that details the sentence you received. If you do not have these documents, you can get them from the clerk’s office where you were sentenced. You may be charged a small fee (generally $5) to get the copies.

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The information and statements of law in this fact sheet should not be considered legal advice. This fact sheet is provided as a broad guide to help you understand how certain legal matters are handled in general. Courts may interpret the law differently. Before you take action, talk to an attorney and follow his or her advice. Always do what the court tells you to do.
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