Pro Se Answer Packet (Responding to a Lawsuit)

Consumer Law Topic

If you have been served with a civil Summons and Complaint or Petition, you must respond to the claim or a default judgment could be entered against you. It is preferable to consult an attorney when you have been served; however, if you are unable to obtain an attorney’s services, you have the option of filing a response or Answer for yourself, or pro se.

Failing to file an Answer to the Complaint within the specified time period could result in a default judgment being entered against you, so it is important that you file an Answer in a timely manner. Within the State of Arkansas, you normally have thirty (30) days to file an Answer or Response to avoid being in default.

Allegations that are not denied in response to the Complaint or Petition are deemed admitted, so it is important that all allegations contained in the Complaint or Petition are addressed in your Answer.

These interactive sample form and instructions may be used as a helpful guide when an unrepresented litigant is responding to a lawsuit filed within the state of Arkansas. This form packet includes:

  • Sample Legal Form - Answer (A Response to a lawsuit filed against you)
  • Sample Letter - Court Clerk for Filing Answer
  • Instructions for filing your Answer
  • You can change the sample Answer and Letter to meet your situation if you need to include other information.
  • Make sure that your form and letter includes your correct information and responses to the allegations made against you.


Interactive Pro Se Answer Packet


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