Social Security, SSI & Disability

Public Benefits TopicSocial Security is a federal organization that handles several federal programs to help disabled adults and children who have limited income and resources.

This section contains information about Social Security and the laws set in place to protect individuals. There are pdf fact sheets, forms, and other resources to help you understand disability, Social Security, and your rights in Arkansas.


  • Fact Sheet - Child Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Fact Sheet - Replacing a Social Security card
  • Fact Sheet - Social Security Appeals Process
  • Fact Sheet - Social Security Appeals Process (Spanish)
  • Fact Sheet - Are You Still Disabled?
  • Fact Sheet - Are You Still Disabled? (Spanish)
  • Fact Sheet - The Difference Between Social Security and SSI
  • Fact Sheet - Disability Benefits
  • Fact Sheet - Disability Benefits (Spanish) | Resumen general de beneficios por incapacidad del Seguro Social
  • Fact Sheet - Social Security: Right to Representation
    You have a right to be represented when dealing with Social Security issues. This fact sheet provides more information about that right.



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