Self-Help Forms - Standard Visitation Schedule

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Some judges have visitation guidelines that they follow. A “standard visitation schedule” might include visitation every other weekend, switching holidays and an extended period of time during the summer for school age children.

This free interactive form guides you through a step-by-step interview. At the end of the interview, this program will produce a personalized self-help document containing documents that be helpful for non-married parents of a child to develop a visitation schedule.

NOTE: This resource is not designed for parents that are currently or were previously married or if there has ever been a court order that you and other parent were parties to that involved the custody, support, or visitation of your children.

This form packet includes:

  • Motion for Agreed Child Visitation Schedule (Motion currently being updated)
  • Order for Agreed Child Visitation Schedule
  • Packet Instructions

Agreed Child Visitation Schedule - Interactive Form Packet

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