Call HelpLine for Urgent Legal Help

Fact Sheet

How to Qualify
HelpLine is here to help those in need of urgent legal help. To qualify, you must be an Arkansan [i] who falls within our income guidelines. You must also call about a civil matter; criminal issues (such as traffic tickets) and fee-generating cases (such as those involving personal injury) are not acceptable reasons to call HelpLine. 


How to Call
  • If you are not sure whether your issue is a civil one, or are unsure if you fall within our income guidelines, please call and let HelpLine guide you.
  • You must call on your own behalf, not someone else's.
  • Please, gather documents and facts relevant to your call before calling, so we can help you as quickly as possible.
  • Hours by county
  • Number to call


Eligible Issues
  • Consumer matters
  • Contract disputes
  • Debt relief
  • Disability rights
  • Domestic abuse
  • Employment rights
  • End-of-life instructions
  • Evictions
  • Garnishments
  • Guardianships
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Orders of protection
  • Powers of attorney
  • Public benefits (Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, Transitional Employment Assistance [TEA], Supplemental Security Income [SSI], child care, and subsidized housing)
  • Wills


[i] Not an Arkansan? Legal Services Corporation (LSC) provides legal aid funding across the country and has a legal aid search engine, and LawHelp provides referrals to local legal aid and public interest law offices.