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How do I find the legal resources and forms that I need?

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If you have not found the legal form or resource that you need then visit our Online Legal Library. We have hundreds of legal resources, but we may not have the exact resource you need. You can also contact us by email or click on the LiveHelp Chat feature on any screen to help locate a resource. 

You should read all the information about your legal issue very careful. There may be other resources online that can help too.

How do I learn about the Arkansas court system? 

The Arkansas judicial system (also known as the judiciary) is the system of Arkansas courts that interprets and applies the law in the name of the State of Arkansas. There are several different types of courts in state Arkansas. CourtHelp™ provides information by court type, county and legal topic about courts. -> Start here

What do I have to do to start a lawsuit or defend against a lawsuit?

There are many rules that you have to follow when you are a party to lawsuit. These rules are called civil procedure. They include rules like how long you have to respond to a lawsuit or how you must notify the other party of the lawsuit. You will need to know what to do leading up to your court date and what to do in court.  -> Learn the basics of Going to Court and What to Expect 

I have already found the legal form or resource that I needed. Now what do I do?

You should read all the information about your legal issue very careful. There may be other resources online that can help too. Also, if you can afford it, it is always best to speak with an attorney. You can call our free HelpLine and apply for free legal services.

I cannot afford an attorney and I do not qualify for your free legal services? Now what?

Although we assist an average of 15,000 clients a year we unfortunately have to prioritize certain types of cases because they involve immediate action (such as domestic abuse or eviction). We also have a limited staff and we are restricted in representing people under a certain income.

This website was created to help both those we can represent and those we cannot. So after you find the resource you need (for example the interactive divorce packet) and you want to proceed with going to court then the next step is learn about how to file you documents with the right court and learn about your rights and obligations when going to court. Locator 


"Concepts of justice must have hands and carry out justice in every case in the shortest possible time and the lowest possible cost. This is the challenge to every lawyer and judge in America."

Warren E. Burger, U.S. Supreme Court Justice



CourtHelp™ has been specially created to help those that are not represented by an attorney (also called “pro se” or “self-represented”).  You are a pro se litigant if you, for whatever reason, are representing yourself in a lawsuit. Even if you do have legal representation you may still benefit from learning about the court system.