Why Innovative Justice Projects Are Needed

Poverty is the single most defining characteristic of whether a person will succeed in life. It is also the best indicator of whether a person: 
  • will have good health
  • live in a safe environment
  • obtain a good education 
Just as poverty defines the likelihood of success or failure for people, it too often determines how a person is treated by the justice system in this country and whether our system of laws will protect the interest of the impoverished.
As members of the legal community, we all know that there are many barriers to equal access to justice. Our oath states that we will endeavor always to advance the cause of justice and that we will not reject the cause of the impoverished, the defenseless, or the oppressed. It is our sworn duty as attorneys to ensure that ours is a system that offers justice to all, regardless of wealth or race or class.  
We invite you to join the social justice movement and become an individual who changes the way poor people access legal services in Arkansas. Become a pro bono attorney now.
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